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Hello I’m Amy! I’m ready to take your child’s Education to the next level!


I’m a teacher with PodletsWelcome:       Our agency conducts full background investigations and only certifies those of us with the highest standards for education. Your Child will Have a Superior education with me.

I have been teaching for 15 years in highly recognized private schools such as Valmont High school CO and Fremont High school NY. My students have all been with in the top 25th percentile a record I hold very personal. I will not let your child fall below.



I have taught every subject at least once in my career. I specialize in math areas and will ensure your student will never fear a math test.

bringing hands on labs for science



I love


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Hello! Welcome to TeachMyStudent! I am the administrator as well as an instructor. Feel free to check out the courses I provide. (Just make sure they are not the example courses) I recently graduated from University of Colorado Boulder With an Aerospace Engineering degree, served honorably in the Marine Corps for 6 years, and I am an entrepreneur at heart. I started TeachMyStudent to help families all over the nation. I was unemployed(recent grad job market is hard) so I decided to take up tutoring. However when I saw the huge demand for a search engine and platform to market instructors I created TeachMyStudent. I hope you are able to find your path on our site. Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions so I can make this a more valuable resource for every one. I'm always open to have a zoom meeting and take a walk on the platform. Phone 7192719463
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