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Boundary-Setting Bootcamp

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A guide to teaching your child boundary-setting, social-emotional learning, and consent.

As a parent, you know your child needs to learn how to be safe and smart about physical interaction, but it’s not always clear how to get them there, because you never got this education yourself.

Boundary-Setting Bootcamp is a clear-cut guide to setting up your child with social-emotional skills for success in all interpersonal relationships.
Using games, activities, and discussion questions, you will help your child build knowledge and practice in twelve consent-conversation skills. As with any skill, continuous deliberate practice and specific feedback are crucial for acquisition.

Touch allows people to connect, but it comes with serious risks. The peace of mind that comes with knowing your child has the tools to be safe about touch and communicate effectively is invaluable.
You’re not always going to be there to advocate for them, and with this course, you won’t need to be.

What Will I Learn?

  • An understanding of how to respect their own boundaries and the boundaries of others.
  • Skills to communicate both kindly and assertively.
  • Learning how to handle difficult situations well
  • Knowledge of power dynamics.
  • A stronger relationship with you as someone they can trust
  • Effectiveness in interpersonal interactions throughout their life.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

What is Boundary-Setting Bootcamp??

An introduction to everything you need to know about being successful in this learning.
Draft Lesson00:00
What is Consent?7:00
Reinforcing Consent Skills6:17

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Material Includes

  • 19 Video lessons for parents
  • 12 lesson plans for you to complete with your child
  • Over 25 SEL and mindfulness activities


  • Willingness to be patient and consistent