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(EXAMPLE)Learning Pod- 15 Week Course

  • Hourly Rate $9.52
  • Weekly Rate $333.33
  • Monthly Rate $1250


Hello, My name is Mrs. B!

I have been a teacher for 23 years and have loved all of my children. I personally have loved working at BVSD as a 5th grade teacher, but decided to take a more personal approach.

I love working with smaller groups and personalizing the speed of the curriculum to their needs. It can be hard meeting every student’s needs in a group of 20, but with 5-8 students I will provide a quality education to each one of them in a safe and controlled environment.

I am very conscious when it comes to sanitation. I personally sanitize each learning spot (A large table and two desks) 3 times a day.  All students will be temperature checked at the door and required to wear a mask the entire day, unless outside.

I will follow the public curriculum I have taught for the past 23 years with minor adjustments. I have all the supplies except for basics like notebooks and pencils (you will need to provide these). The start of the day will always rotate between Drama, Music, and Art class. All the other subjects will be consistent throughout the day. You can see the entire curriculum below in the course topics section.

Furthermore, I will be uploading (for your convenience) all of the notes taken during class after classes have concluded for the day. This will enable you to see what information was discussed.

Class will start promptly at 8am! Feel free to bring your kids up to 30mins prior to class. I have a fairly large backyard and basement that they can play in until class starts. Including a ping pong table and billiards table!

There will be three “recess” like breaks throughout the day. Lunch will need to be provided or talked about before enrolling (I will ask for an extra $400 for lunch prep and for supplies; or 5$ per day). Please reach out, I can be very flexible with this. I just need to know a little in advance.

I am always available through phone or email in case something comes up, or if you have specific questions for me. I know every parent wants the best possible education for their child, and I am here to provide this for your child and put your mind at ease.

Class will end at 3pm (I ask that parents be on time as I do have a virtual tutoring course starting shortly after class is finished.)

I cannot wait to meet your child and provide them a quality education and a little socialization that is so needed in these times.

Please reach out at

What Will I Learn?

  • Pick Up and Drop off of Students
  • Your child will receive a quality education that will keep them on track to transition into middle school.
  • Learn in a safe and fun atmosphere.
  • Price comes out to less than $10/hr.
  • A social environment to promote growth.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons525h


PE, Art, Music on a daily rotation
Draft Lesson


English-Reading and Writing


Recess 1

About the instructors

Hello! Welcome to TeachMyStudent! I am the administrator as well as an instructor. Feel free to check out the courses I provide. (Just make sure they are not the example courses) I recently graduated from University of Colorado Boulder With an Aerospace Engineering degree, served honorably in the Marine Corps for 6 years, and I am an entrepreneur at heart. I started TeachMyStudent to help families all over the nation. I was unemployed(recent grad job market is hard) so I decided to take up tutoring. However when I saw the huge demand for a search engine and platform to market instructors I created TeachMyStudent. I hope you are able to find your path on our site. Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions so I can make this a more valuable resource for every one. I'm always open to have a zoom meeting and take a walk on the platform. Phone 7192719463
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Material Includes

  • All subject books (Math101, English, Reading,Science, etc.)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Other school materials


  • Child must wear a mask
  • Any signs of sickness child must stay home
  • Temperature check at the door. If above 100F, they will be sent back home with the parent.
  • Basic school supplies (Pencils, 2 Notebooks, 3x1 subject folders, 2x1in binders)