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Hands On Science Class with Fun Lab Fridays (Middle School)

  • Hourly Rate $20
  • Weekly Rate $60
  • Monthly Rate $225


Hey there!

Welcome to my Science Class! This is a hands on science class for middle school students supplementary to your child’s education. On Fun Lab Fridays, students will make a homemade lava lamp, a non-newtonian fluid, make milk art and much more with materials found at home. They will also conduct their own experiments such as an egg drop experiment.

Our theme for the month of September is…

The Nature of Science!

Length: 1 Month – 4x per week – 45 min sessions daily Tuesday-Friday. 14 sessions total.

This class will be something fun your child looks forward to.

About the instructors

Teaching is my passion. ​ I am a certified Master teacher who has taught all grades from 5th grade through 12th grade. I was consistently ranked among the top teachers in the schools where I worked. I had the privilege of growing up in four countries and experiencing different kinds of school systems. Growing up in a science oriented family led me to get a Bachelors’ in Biology from Rutgers University (Douglass College). After college and a stint as a taste tester (for Pepsi!), I went back to school to get a Master’s in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University. I live with my husband and a toddler. My hobbies include eating all kinds of food, traveling, learning new languages, and playing with my daughter.
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