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Virtual Distance Learning Facilitator- Ensuring that students are on task! (K-12)

  • Hourly Rate 7
  • Weekly Rate 60
  • Monthly Rate 200


Hello my name is Kymberly, and I will be your eyes and ears while you’re at work.

Do you want to make sure your child is engaged with their virtual lecture while you are away from them?

Do you want to make sure they are not watching Netflix or playing video games?

Do you want to make sure they are safe and your home is not in disarray.

Many of us went against our parents wishes intentionally as children and teenagers. We would rebel and act out. Usually the school system would help children grow up with the healthy supervision.

However virtual learning has made it hard to monitor our kids (especially if both parents have to work). There needs to be supervision at this point in their life.

Feel free to email me first at to clarify the course you would like.

I look forward to supplementing your child’s education.

Bonus Info: If you sign up for a monthly course, you’ll save $40


What Will I Learn?

  • I will monitor your student/students throughout your work day. I will ensure they are attentive and not doing anything you disapprove of.
  • I will document any infractions you set. Below I have listed some examples:
  • No Texting
  • No Netflex/TV
  • No Friends
  • No Games
  • No alcohol/Drugs
  • No Sleeping
  • Anything else you want me to watch out for.
  • I will have a constant zoom stream with them through out the day. I will check 3 times randomly each hour of instruction. I will write down and take screenshots of any infractions. If the limit is above your standards and you would like to be notified I can reach out to you.
  • At your request, I can also tactfully remind them to pay attention to class. If they conduct this behavior too often I will report them to you.
  • If you have any question, concerns or just like to discuss terms before enrolling in the course please send me an email to

About the instructors

Hello Parents and Students! I am a creative educator with 10 years of instructional teaching experience ​in various grade levels. Enthusiastic, passionate, and caring with strong classroom management skills and expertise in curriculum development. Compassionate and focused on the needs of diverse students, while ensuring that high expectations are met with positive motivation. When I'm not teaching, I love to travel this AMAZING world!! I have been to 25+ countries so far! I also enjoy photography and writing about my travel experiences. I look forward to speaking with you in regards to your learning needs! Education History: Masters Degree of Teaching in Elementary Education San Diego State University 2011 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential San Diego State University 2009 Bachelors of Arts & Science in Social Work San Diego State University 2007 Teaching Experience: 2009-Present San Diego Unified School District, La Mesa/Spring Valley School District, Lemon Grove School District
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