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Virtual Supervisor- Your Student will Never Miss a Class-Monthly Registration

  • Hourly Rate $5
  • Weekly Rate $50
  • Monthly Rate $180


Hello my name is Cavan, I will be your eyes and ears while your at work.(I am also the founder of


Do you want to make sure your child is attending virtual lecture while you at work?

Do you want to make sure they are not watching Netflix or playing video games?

Do you want to make sure they are safe and your home is not in disarray.

Many of us went against our parents wishes intentionally as teenagers. We would rebel and act out. Usually the school system would help children grow up with the healthy supervision.

However virtual learning has made it hard to monitor our kids(especially if both parents have to work). There needs to be supervision at this point in their life.


I was a Sgt in the Marine Corps and was recently Honorably discharged.  Recent Marine Corps Graduates are 18-19yrs old. They often still make poor decisions and need supervision. In fact Supervision is considered the most important step in any mission. I was a Resident Advisor  monitoring the Dorms throughout college. I have been in charge of small groups of 10 to overseeing over 200 Marines at one time. I will make sure your student completes their task, or else you will be notified.


  • I will monitor your student/students throughout your work day. I will ensure they are attentive and not doing anything you disapprove of.
  • I will document any infractions you set. Below I have listed some examples:
    • No Texting
    • No Netflex/TV
    • No Friends
    • No Games
    • No alcohol/Drugs
    • No Sleeping
    • Anything else you want me to watch out for.

I will have a constant zoom stream with them through out the day. I will check 3 times randomly each hour of instruction. I will write down and take screenshots of any infractions. If the limit is above your standards and you would like to be notified I will reach out to you.

At your request, I can also tactfully remind them to pay attention to class. If they conduct this behavior to often I will report them to you.

If you have any question, concerns or just like to discuss terms before enrolling in the course please send me an email to



What Will I Learn?

  • You will have peace of mind knowing your student is being supervised
  • Your student be attentive during class
  • Grades and homework scores will increase because they are focused

About the instructors

Hello! Welcome to TeachMyStudent! I am the administrator as well as an instructor. Feel free to check out the courses I provide. (Just make sure they are not the example courses) I recently graduated from University of Colorado Boulder With an Aerospace Engineering degree, served honorably in the Marine Corps for 6 years, and I am an entrepreneur at heart. I started TeachMyStudent to help families all over the nation. I was unemployed(recent grad job market is hard) so I decided to take up tutoring. However when I saw the huge demand for a search engine and platform to market instructors I created TeachMyStudent. I hope you are able to find your path on our site. Feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions so I can make this a more valuable resource for every one. I'm always open to have a zoom meeting and take a walk on the platform. Phone 7192719463
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Material Includes

  • Zoom Conference rooms


  • Students will log on to our Zoom Meeting call at the beginning of the day/class period/ or homework time.
  • They will have video on during this time, clearly showing their desk and learning area.
  • They will have volume up on their computer so I can remind them to stay on track and pay attention.