A: This payment method works to put the minds of the teacher and parent at ease:

  • A Parent enrolls in  a course and pays the full course cost. This way the teacher know they will earn the full amount requested
  • The money is then held by Teach My Student and distributed to the teacher as long as they provide the services they stated and request to withdraw funds from their account. This is a common payment process in freelance agencies.
  • If at any point the teacher stops providing lessons or conducts in a way that was not agreed upon the parent may request a refund of all remaining funds. 

A: Verified means they have a matching government ID that verifies they are who they say they are.

Certified means we have had a video chat with them and they have provided documents that prove they are qualified to home-school, babysit, or certify a course/program.

A: https://hslda.org/ can offer great advice on what your requirements are.

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